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Meeting Chair

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Meeting Chair

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Create a culture of open communication, and can be set on a table with a height of 1000 mm
A unit sofa that can be freely combine according to all space with handle and casters on one side.


Slim, colourful and sleek with the design for comfort in mind.

We acknowledge the fact that, the chair has to be flexible, user-friendly and comfortable.

With “all-in-one” with large top board, meeting room is not nexessary.

Minimalist design that aims to harmonize with the interiors

Creating a place be more free and positive with lightweight chair.

Piega is light-weight and comes with optional finishes for the backrest.

An efficient meeting chair that combines two different stacking techniques.

Styling full of originality covering various scenes and postures.

A cost-effective training chair with great comfort even after a long-term use.