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Common Space

31 Products

Common Space

31 Products

flip top is an ideal table that cater for meeting to use it for solo work in a relaxed surrounding.

The table can be simply fold up when not in use.

Pile pipe is a seamless design “one stroke” writing table.

Casual stacking chair that has a variety of purposes

Featuring a clean cut designed leg and a backrest that wrapped around your back.

Hang-like is a design that looks like “hooked”, with four distinctive backs in a simple frame.

Creating a cosy ambience within the business environment setting.

New lounge chair that blends beautifully into lounge space and also has a work function.

Combination of rotation of seat and movement of caster.

Wooden stool that implements new comfort and design with innovative technology

A variety of height and color is available. A stool that creats lively networking.

Collaboration and social space is the way forward in all organization.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere has been the way forward for modern office environment.

Mycket chair by KOKUYO

Variations that fit the taste of various cafes and lounges with ease of use

Iframe designed based on the concept of providing comfort and semi-closure.

Designed by nendo, brackets is an unit sofa designed to create a communication space.

Notion is a browsing chair that is designed to support activity based working.

interval is a seat-table ensemble designed to support activity-based working

Not blocking, comfortably enclosing knit screen beautifully with magnets

A large mobile whiteboard that allows discussions to continue without interruption.

Different types of storage units from bottom to top to maximises the storage space.

Fold in one action for easy carrying

The INFI series enabling product to possess a “borderless integrated” visual look.

EDIA is a multi-functional storage cabinet made in Japan.

Wood grain design creating a natural office space.

Versatile and flexible wagon that work as your assistant.

Storage space for your office.

Accessory whiteboard with various functional panels.